The Never Ending Project ©. Interactive technology in design education

The night of the Never Ending Project initiated in 2014 by Dolly Daou, Melbourne Design Factory at SUT, Gérard Vallin, Jean Lelay, ESAG Penninghen, Paris, and Jane Smith from the School of Visual Arts Interior Design (SVAID), New York

© Paris 2014
Captured in Paris in 2014 by Dr Dolly Daou during the inception of the Never Ending Project


The Never Ending Project (NEP) is a multi-disciplinary collaborative and online global design studio. The Project was initiated in 2014 by Dolly Daou, Gérard Vallin, Jean Lelay, and Jane Smith©. The Project explores the global realities of design and education from a variety of cultural and technological perspectives.


Logo of the Never Ending Project by Penninghen Paris


The names above include the initiators and coordinators of the Never Ending Project.

Using Slack and Zoom technology to communicate NEP used an international online platform for one week for twenty-four hours around the different time zones between Paris, Melbourne and New York. The outcome of the project was to design a drone docking station and recharge port, with a full documentation package ready to be constructed at 1:1 scale. This intensity offered the students a sense of “virtual travel” to different continents without leaving their classrooms.

Platform | Process | Outcome of the Never Ending Project


Students from Paris, Melbourne and New York worked as a large design team on one design project and were able to observe first-hand how different cultures and design pedagogies could inform a myriad of different approaches to the same design challenge.


Day 1: The progress of the drawings from. Melbourne Paris New York ©
Day 2: Melbourne Paris New York ©
Day 5: Melbourne – Paris – New york ©


The project offered the students an insight into global issues as well as into design practice. Students were exposed to new ways of thinking, designing and communicating to their organisers and to their peers during this intensive week. This exposure, this cracking of the shell of one’s own prescribed notions and preconceived design ideas, is something that often happens while travelling.


Combining virtually Melbourne and Paris studios ©


Using interactive video conferencing and online platforms students worked 24 hours across continents in order to design a drone docking station that address the branding identity of each city.

The project challenged the traditional methods of teaching interior architecture. Using the high-speed of technology and the interactive social media platform NEP created a virtual studio across continents in order to design and document a drone docking station; adapted to the regional identity of each city. NEP team of students and educators  brought multiple nationalities and cultures together, through a unified language of peace and design.

Certificates handed to students from 3 x universities


At the end of the project students received a certificate of participation from all three universities and the coordinators organised synchronised exhibition between the three different time zones.


Synchronised exhibition between Melbourne and New York ©


The Never Ending Project is legally registered and published only in the names of the authors on this blog. © Dr Dolly Daou and (2014-duration as per international copyright laws). Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material and the Never Ending Project concept, images, title and idea without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. A full permission from authors must be granted in writing and a clear credit is given to Dr Dolly Daou and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

For any further queries, contact the authors of the project.
Also See Cumulus publication of NEP titled: ‘A never ending project into future design spaces’

Also see media releases on the project:



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