City traces

One day … I wanted to write on the ‘Invisible Cities’ of Paris, Venice, and all the cities I visited just like Marco Polo in Italo Calvino’s book Invisible Cities. I wanted to write about the Parisian balconies, the English clocks, the Italian streets, the Australian skies, the European rivers, Skiathos windows, Tunisian doors, Alfresco cafes, and everything that makes up a city what it is; everything that creates the branded identity of a city.



One day I was going to write about every layer in the city that creates its identity, combined these layers create a beautiful harmonious symphony that connects cities to people. One day I wanted to write about my invisible city: Paris, the streets, their different noises and sounds, the food, friends, culture, fashion and everything Parisian.


A Parisian street ©
A Parisian street ©

Even when I am miles away, I see Paris everywhere I go, I look at Parisian traces in every city (see Parisian traces in Melbourne). These traces are the layers that bring me closer to my imagined city, the city that exists in my imagination and it’s invisible. Paris is a city that forces me to walk; there is always something around the corner, a café, a building, a street. There is always an element of surprise, a sense of anticipation and wonder. This is Paris, an invisible city that exists in every city, waiting for me to explore it over and over again and always wondering what is around the corner…?

One day I will start this blog. This is the day. This blog will explore the idea of cities, photography, urban interior and interior design education. It is a reflection of me; layered and multi-talented. Each layer of this blog will explore an area of my life and expertise, combining interior design practice, education, research and of course photography and travel. In this blog, I explore, I write, I see, I look, frame, click, then smile and a blog was born.



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